The Center's offer is directed mainly to:

  • breeders,
  • nurserymen,
  • all who would like to grow virus-free plants pomologically checked.

We accept commissions to:

  • test for the presence of viruses in plants,
    • using ELISA tests,
    • using indicator plants,
  • perform thermotherapy,
  • maintain:
    • pre-basic material under screen house
    • basic material
    • to carry out maintenance breeding
  • propagate starting material for basic,
  • micropropagation – in vitro

We offer (among others):

  • young strawberry and raspberry basic plants (virus-free),
  • vegetative rootstocks for apples, pears, sweet-and sour-cherries (virus-free),
  • grafts of fruit trees (virus-free),
  • young trees for mother plant orchards,
  • young trees for commercial orchards: sweet-and sour-cherries, apples (virus-free) etc.

The Center is the main supplier of starting, basic (virus-free) plant material for Polish nurseries. We own the Laboratory for ELISA tests and for micropropagation as well as the equipment for thermotherapy.

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